Comprehensive Principles of Healing and Miracles (A Teaching Manual)



By: Sandra G. Kennedy

This training manual is an in-depth study of the biblical foundation and basic principles of healing. Topics include: Generals of the Healing Movement | Divine Healing – Yesterday, Today and Forever |Is Healing for Everyone? | Healing is in the Atonement: God’s Great Plan of Redemption | Eight Redemptive Names of Jehovah | Spirit, Soul and Body | The Cleansing Power of the Blood | Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh | Understanding the Healing Power of God (Laws that Govern Healing) | Twelve Essential Keys to Healing | Faith and Medicine | How to Hold on to Healing | How to Prolong Your Life | Hindrances to Healing | Why Isn’t it Working | The Unchangeable Will Change the Changeable | Healing Team Ministry

Comprehensive Principles of Healing and Miracles Manual (Spiral Bound) – 151 pages

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    Great Read much knowledge. Glad I ordered. I love this manual.

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