How to Deal with Temptation (2 CDs)



2 CD Set by Sandra G. Kennedy

A temptation is a normal desire that has gone beyond the boundaries that God has placed on it. Temptations come into our lives intending to sidetrack us from God’s purposes. But, we who belong to God have the ability to resist temptation and close the door to sin in our lives. Find out how to live a life of victory and resist the distractions the enemy brings our way.

These teachings will:

  • Identify three main types of temptations
  • Describe how a seed of temptation can become a stronghold in your life if not dealt with
  • Reveal God’s method to guard against temptation and live a disciplined life

This series includes the following powerful teachings:

  • CD 1: Yield Not to Temptation I
  • CD 2: Yield Not to Temptation II


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