The Magnificent Word of the Lord



By: Sandra G. Kennedy

Learn what makes the Word so magnificent and how to live in the abundance of God’s promised provision. It is by the Word of God that: the heavens and the earth were created, you were born again, and you are healed, sustained and delivered from demons. This book contains scriptures and prayers for over 50 topics, including healing, prosperity, joy, peace, etc. Learn keys to walking in the abundance of God and let His Word be the center of your life. ISBN 978-0964311732

Magnificent Word of the Lord Book (Imitation Leather) – 207 pages

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  1. Max Perkins

    Sandra hits a game winning home run with her The Magnificent Word of the Lord,which is a series of bible passages that the average christian reader needs to experience on a daily or, better still, hourly basis.I can not put it down. I begin and end my day with this book and I am thankful for the opportunity to tell others about it. It may be the best book I have bought.God Bless You and God Bless Sandra Kennedy.

  2. Cathie B

    I was so blessed by this book! It breaks down different passages of the Bible according to topic; healing, fear, and any other issues you could be facing. It gives me much encouragement!

  3. Fritzta

    This little gem has everything you need for any situation when it comes to prayer or just a comforting word from our Father. With a table of contents to compliment easy look up. I shared it with many who needed a good word when I couldn’t get to them. I came across it in Afghanistan. What a blessing.

  4. L Ricks

    Love it! Gave my first one away to a friend that is battling drug addiction. I love Sandra Kennedy. It is great to keep by the bed a pick up to read when I don’t want to hold my heavy Bible. Will not be without another.

  5. Anonymous

    Excellent! Full of Scriptures to believe and declare over many specific topics! A book that I never want to be without!

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