Scripture Keys for Kingdom Living


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By: June Newman Davies

Scripture Keys for Kingdom Living is a booklet filled with scripture and categorized to help with encouragement and struggles in areas of your life. The contents of this book are an outgrowth of June Newman Davis’ personal scripture notebook. She has included comments, teachings, and exhortation given to her by the Lord during the course of her Spirit-led walk. Topics Include: Anger | Anxiety – Loneliness | Backsliding | Baptism of the Holy Spirit | Binding and Loosing | Blood of Jesus | Business Problems | Child Training | Comfort | Confusion | Death | Deliverance for Alcoholics | Deliverance for Smokers | Divorce | Families – For a Deeper Walk | Fasting | Fear of the Lord | God’s Presence | Guidance and Direction | Heartache | Hindrances Blocking Answers | Love of Brethren | Peace | Pride | Protection | Salvation | Temptation | Tithing | Visions | Weight Control | Will of God | Wisdom | And Much More…

One of the treasures of this book includes scriptures to stand on for specific healing needs. Healing Topics include: Abdominal | Allergy -Sinus | Arthritis | Back Trouble | Bed Wetting | Bones | Cancer | Childbirth | Colds | Diabetes | Eczema | Fever | Flu | Heart Disease | Insomnia | Kidneys | Lungs | Mental | Nervous Conditions | Pain | Palsy, Strokes, Muscular Dystrophy, Sclerosis | Skin | Teeth | Wounds | And More…

ISBN 978-1-999-91571-1

Scripture Keys for Kingdom Living (Spiral Bound) by June Newman Davies – 142 pages

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  1. Rita

    I had this booklet when daughter was young ; it is a great tool and handy for use! Lost my previous copy and am reordering .

  2. Sue anthony

    Ive had my book since I 990s and i still use it today, wonderful witessing tool. I recently ordered another one for my best friend. GET THIS BOOK, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. sue anthony sweetwater, tx

  3. Leatrice Davis

    I have not read the book, but my sister swear by it.

  4. Beverly Nishioka

    This book is a powerful tool if you are going through such hard times especially during this pandemic. A test of your faith, to see the where, what, when, why, and how you fare right now in your life. God is good. June was a yielding servant who applied what God told her to do and many were healed. Obedient servant to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Read the book and be ready to be changed and blessed and be a blessing to others for the rest of your life. For God hath not given us the spirit of fear but, of power and of love, and of a sound mind.

  5. Beverly Nishioka

    It’s a great book. One to be read in depth with your bible next to you. God created and breathed Holy Spirit power Word of God. Answer to your problems. God is good.

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