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Order a CD of messages taught by Joe Hosey in the Healing Center

11/18/22 – Will God Heal You?

10/28/22 – Are You Changed?

10/7/22 – Are You In Fear?

9/30/22 – It Ain’t Working!

9/16/22 – Are You MIA?

9/2/22 – Can God?

8/12/22 – Are You Saying?

7/22/22 – What’s Up?

7/13/22 – Don’t Try It, Do It!

7/8/22 – Did You Take It?

6/17/22 – From Captivity to Freedom

6/2/22 – Have You Tried It?

5/27/22 – God Heals Today

5/13/22 – Who’s in Charge of Your Healing?

4/22/22 – Is God A Liar?

4/1/22 – Who are You Going to Believe?

3/4/22 – It’s Up To You!

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Are You Changed?, Are You In Fear?, Are You MIA?, Are You Saying?, Can God?, Did You Take It?, Don't Try It, Do It!, From Captivity to Freedom, God Heals Today, Have You Tried It?, Is God A Liar? – 4/22, It Ain't Working!, It's Up To You!, What's Up?, Who are You Going to Believe?, Who's in Charge of Your Healing?, Will God Heal You?


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