The Priestly Prayer of the Blessing



By: Warren M. Marcus


The prayer was discovered on a silver amulet found in a tomb opposite the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It is the oldest surviving biblical text surpassing the age of the Dead Sea Scrolls by four hundred years. It was written in the ancient Paleo-Hebrew language.

Moses was told by God to have Aaron, the high priest, pray it over the children of Israel every day. By doing this, God would place His name (His very person, His holy character, His power and authority) supernaturally upon them. For forty years, as the children of Israel wandered in the wilderness, they received supernatural provision, divine health, angelic protection. And they even prospered-even their clothes and shoes never wore out (Deut. 29:5).

Through intense study of the original Hebrew text, Warren M. Marcus has unearthed a far deeper and profound meaning of this divine prayer than we presently have in our Bibles. Marcus reveals the ancient secret on how to pronounce a new amplified Hebrew-to-English translation so you can experience a supernatural, intimate, and experiential relationship with your heavenly Father in a way never thought possible.

ISBN 978-1-62999-491-8

The Priestly Prayer of the Blessing  (Paperback) by Warren M. Marcus – 234 pages

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