TV Offer #106 – Comprehensive Healing Package




TV Offer #106 by Dr. Sandra Kennedy and Rev. Velda Schirhart

Are you in need of healing in your body? Would you like to minister healing to the sick? This study guide and teaching set will equip you with the Biblical foundation you need to release God’s healing power in your life.

“A Comprehensive Look at the Principles of Healing and Miracles” CD or DVD set – Over 10 hours of teaching

Teachings Include: Divine Healing Yesterday, Today and Forever | Is Healing for Everyone? | Why Isn’t It Working? | Healing in the Atonement | Spirit, Soul and Body | The Redemptive Names of Jehovah | The Power of Confessing God’s Word | Faith and Medicine | Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh | Cleansing Power of the Blood | 12 Essential Keys to Healing | Healing Explosion 64

Comprehensive Principles of Healing and Miracles Manual (Spiral Bound) – 151 pages

This training manual is an in-depth study of the biblical foundation and basic principles of healing. Topics include: Generals of the Healing Movement | Divine Healing – Yesterday, Today and Forever |Is Healing for Everyone? | Healing is in the Atonement: God’s Great Plan of Redemption | Eight Redemptive Names of Jehovah | Spirit, Soul and Body | The Cleansing Power of the Blood | Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh | Understanding the Healing Power of God (Laws that Govern Healing) | Twelve Essential Keys to Healing | Faith and Medicine | How to Hold on to Healing | How to Prolong Your Life | Hindrances to Healing | Why Isn’t it Working | The Unchangeable Will Change the Changeable | Healing Team Ministry

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