Your Robe of Righteousness



By: Sandra G. Kennedy

This book unfolds a remarkable revelation of God’s Word.  It will build your faith and renew your confidence and joy.  You’ll find the keys to enduring victory as you shake off the “old” and wrap yourself in a “new” garment.

You will discover:

  • The key to God’s nature coming alive within you.
  • Why your righteousness is not what you do, rather what the Almighty declares
  • How to accept the fact that you are already righteous in Christ
  • What the Word says about guilt, condemnation and inferiority
  • How to declare, decree and affirm the Father’s righteousness

Your Robe of Righteousness Book (Paperback) – 173 pages

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  1. Gin

    This is one if those select books that ranks among those titles that is life altering. The very best teaching on righteousness and of who you are as a child of The Living God. I read it then retread it then used it as the book of my home Bible study and then read it again. It is chock full of The Word of God substantiating every statement. You will see the Word with fresh revelation. On the TOP of my list. It’s a book you should retread every year as a fresh reminder of what it means to be the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

  2. Martyn Croft

    Dr. Sandra Kennedy’s writing is ‘electrically-charged’ by her passion for her subject matter and message. Her claims and urgings are soundly rooted in deep and mature understanding of the Word of the Lord as a whole. Key issues and principles are thoroughly explained and illustrated by adeptly-selected biblical scriptures. This is a book that I shall want to re-read, hold for reference and share with friends. .

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