Afghan Blanket



Inspired by a vision given to Dr. Kennedy, each of these linens have been prayed over by the Church and anointed with olive oil from Israel. Many have given testimony to the healing power of God through the transference of the healing anointing.

Afghan Blanket

100% Cotton Measures 48″ x 68″

Color: Navy with Gold/White design

Additional information

Weight 43 oz
Dimensions 14.5 × 12 × 3 in


  1. Esther

    This blanket is such a blessing. I bought one when going through a health crisis and it brought so much comfort. It is on my bed every night. My children tried to take mine and I said no way I will get one for you. They each have one on their bed and we all can feel the annointing and appreciate the prayers and scripture associated with this blanket. My mom bought two and my good friend bought three. Everyone feels incredibly blessed by this. Extremely high quality, warm and cuddly too:-) Thank you Whole Life and Sandra Kennedy for this gift.

  2. Patricia L Jennings (verified owner)

    This Prayer Afghan is a treasure to me. When Im in Pain or having a rough day, I wrap myself up in it, telling Father God that Im Covered by His Holy Word, & Blessed and Healed by These Healing Scriptures! ✝️✨
    I have bought one for my daughter & each of my siblings, & am sending one to one of our veteran city police officers that was hit on his motorcycle by a car! He is in a traumatic brain injury rehab center, & we are coming together in agreement with his wife for a total recovery❗️ She is soo appreciative of our prayers, & so looking forward to getting this prayer afghan! #GodsWordDoesNotReturnVoid✝️
    Thank You Dr. Kennedy & Incredible Staff.
    Patricia L Jennings ✝️
    ‍♀️from So Fla

  3. Stephanie Conner (verified owner)

    I have 2 of these and feel it has accelerated my healing!✝️

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