Awaken the Remnant



By: Dr. Barbara Houseman

Join us on a journey through the Book of Revelation as we share fresh insight straight from the presence of God. Look from God’s perspective as His magnificent plan unfolds, revealing to all of creation the one who is exalted above all, His son, Jesus Christ. As we go through the pages of this once-feared book, you will recognize the immense love of God as He pursues His beloved creation. God is urgently calling His people to rise above the cares of this life and be radical disciples who are consumed with the reality of heaven. We are in the most exciting, unprecedented age in history. Are you ready for the return of the Lord?

Dr. Barbara Houseman has been a Bible teacher for more than 25 years and is the author of several books. She has traveled extensively, sharing insights from the Word of God in many nations. More information about her ministry can be found at

Awaken the Remnant –  Revelation: The Book for End Time Disciples (Spiral) by Dr. Barbara Houseman – 157 pages

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