Confessions for “Whole” Life



By: Sandra G. Kennedy

Booklet includes scripture-based confessions for 17 topics. Topics are Healing, Peace, Strength, Sleep, Healthy Heart, Healthy Lungs, Healthy Bones, Healthy Ears and Hearing, Healthy Eyes, Healthy Appetite, Memory/Soundness of Mind, Freedom from Diabetes, Freedom from Cancer, Freedom from Pain, Steps for Taking Medications and Chemotherapy without Side Effects, Protection During Radiation Treatments, and Living Free (from addictions, habits, bondages).

Confessions for “Whole” Life Booklet (Spiral Bound) – 21 pages

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  1. Lindee Lee Bingham

    AWESOME!! Easy to read and to understand. Most of all POWERFUL!!! When I was visiting Whole Life Ministries I picked one of these up. I am now ordering three more to give out to others. Highly recommend!

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