End Time Events


By: Charles Capps

Time Is Running Out! The Earth Lease Is About to Expire!

Could this be the end of the world as we know it? In the midst of cataclysmic natural disasters and great moral decay, God is unveiling new revelation from the Scriptures to prepare this generation for the most traumatic change on the earth in six thousand years!

In this revealing and prophetic look at God’s Word, bestselling author Charles Capps opens the Scriptures surrounding the end of the age. Pinpointing God’s plan for the events that will end this world as we know it, this exciting book brings to light types and scriptural composites which God has hidden in the Bible for this generation!

This careful study of end-time events offers clear answers to questions such as:

  • When will this age end?
  • When will the Antichrist be revealed?
  • Will God protect His people or deliver them from the seven years of tribulation?
  • What Bible keys reveal the end of the church age?
  • What is the Solomon Concept and how does it reveal future events?
  • Do biblical numbers unveil end-time revelation?
  • And many others!

Don’t be left in the dark concerning the twenty-first century and the events that will close out this age, thrusting the inhabitants of planet earth into the last Millennium before eternity!

ISBN: 978-0-9618975-4-3

End Time Events: Journey to the End of the Age (Paperback) by Charles Capps – 274 pages

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