Preparations for a Move of God in Your Life



By: Sandra G. Kennedy

In order to properly prepare for God to move in our lives, we must settle certain fundamental truths in our hearts. Knowledge of those truths will “set you up” for victory! This book will give you the foundational principles you need to be an overcomer and live the victorious life!

This book will teach you:

• The power of faith
• How to increase your faith
• How to apply your faith in every situation
• The difference between heart knowledge and head knowledge
• The power of believing

Learn these truths and let your faith soar! You’ll be amazed at the glorious transformation it will bring!

ISBN: 978-0-7684-1829-3

Preparations for a Move of God in Your Life Book (Paperback) – 71 pages

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  1. Marion Walther

    I really appreciated this little book. Full of faith-building inspiration and directly to the point. Makes you think … and pray. There is no deep theological terminology to wade through. But the content digs deep into your heart. I was very moved by what she had to say. And she says it as simple and as profound as Jesus, Himself, would say it. Yes, getting to know Jesus and spending quality time with Him is truly the secret to being able to access His perfect will in your life.

  2. Kone

    This book is just 72 pages, but the information presented is so valuable in preparing one’s heart for a movement of God. She begins the book with the simple declaration that if Jesus is Lord, the Son of God, then that fact should effect a change in one’s life – a profound change. She contrasts the difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge. Even Satan and his demons know that Jesus is Lord of all, but they only know that as head knowledge, they have not placed that knowledge into their hearts to worship the Lord accordingly. And so it is with so many people who profess to be Christians. If the foundation of one’s faith is that Jesus is the Son of God, Risen from the dead, and our High Priest and Chief Advocate, then we should trust the Lord exclusively. This trust is the foundation upon which faith is started and then grows. Too many Christians fail to act on their faith. They have “mental assent” knowledge of the Lord, but they have failed to exercise their faith and step out in faith to receive what the Lord wants to give his faithful believers. Her chapters on what faith is and how to grow faith are so important to preparing for a work of God, for without faith, we cannot please God. Finally, she concludes with the statement that faith is a way of life. We think and believe faith thoughts even when circumstances seem about to overwhelm, for our God is a God that is so much more than the sum of our problems. If you need a powerful change of God to sweep through your life, this book will help prepare the soul of your heart, so that when the seed of faith is planted, it will bear much fruit.

  3. Anonymous

    Very informative, encouraging not filled with fluff but to the point , my best take away was believe the truth of God’s Word not the surrounding facts of your situation.

  4. Anonymous

    This relatively short book manages to communicate profound truths in simple language. I have highlighted most of it, because there is no “fluff” in it. It is simple, direct, and powerful. I highly recommend it to anyone whose heart is yearning to experience the power of God manifested in their lives and in the world. I will be looking at other materials from this author.

  5. Linda Rookard-McGill

    I loved this book. Ms Kennedy gives you simple steps to build your faith in the word of God. This book was very inspiring!

  6. Jane Rogers

    Have not quite finished because I’m trying to take it in very slowly and I don’t want to miss even one of the jewels it contains. I know I will read this little book over and over again!

  7. Pastor Taylor

    Great lesson on how to put the word of God into effect in our lives,to move from head knowledge
    to knowledge and the tangible results will appear.

  8. Dottie Miley

    This book is about how strong your faith really is. There is the measure of faith and faith to move mountains. God gives us all the measure of faith. We need to build our faith through the trials of life. God has promised us faith to overcome. Faith is required in everything we do. We need to confess our faith. We need to stay positive and call those things that be not as though they were. Stay away from the negativity. Our confession of faith will remove mountains. Confess the word. The word works.

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