Sharia-Ism Is Here


Sharia-Ism Is Here

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By: Joy Brighton

You are holding in your hands a chronicle of the surprising inroads that Sharia-ism, the political movement of Radical Islam, has made in America from 2008-2013.

A global, anti-freedom Sharia Manifesto guides Sharia-sim, much like Communism, Nazism, and Fascism, violating our individual rights and freedoms.

  • Sharia-ism is about politics, not religion
  • Sharia-ism is about total control, not simply destruction or terrorism
  • Starting with control of free political speech and debate

Today, our lawmakers passionately debate issues of importance such as Universal Health Care and U.S. debt ceiling limits. But, not so with the issue of Shariah.

In 2012, Congress voted to deny an investigation into the advances of the Muslim Brotherhood in America, based on concerns by five Congressmen, who were scolded for their haste and insensitivity.

The White House was silent.

ISBN-13: 9780692029008

Sharia-Ism is Here: The Battle to Control Women and Everyone Else (Paperback) by Joy Brighton – 241 pages

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