The Wigglesworth Standard

The Wigglesworth Standard



By: Peter J. Madden

God Confirmed Smith Wigglesworth’s Ministry with powerful signs. A few of these included deaf ears healed, cancers cured, legs and feet creatively formed where only stumps had existed previously, the violently insane healed, and fourteen people being raised from the dead. These are a few of the many miracles God performed in Wigglesworth’s ministry.

A study of Wigglesworth’s life will:

  • Build and inspire your faith
  • Deepen your compassion
  • Expand your vision

Here you will discover how you can personally receive God’s healing touch and how God can use you to bring healing to others, just as He did through Smith Wigglesworth. Christ’s transforming power and grace will change your life from ordinary to extraordinary.

ISBN 978-1-62911-663-1

The Wigglesworth Standard (Paperback) by Peter J. Madden  – 206 pages

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