They Saw It Happen!


Compiled By: Gordon Lindsay

The dramatic story of men of God who were greatly used in the Pentecostal outpouring of the 20th century.

The late Gordon Lindsay, evangelist, prolific writer and co-founder of Christ for the Nations, Dallas, TX, compiled this dramatic story of several men whom God used in the great Pentecostal outpouring of the 20th century.

This first chapter introduces the outpouring of the Spirit in Topeka, Kansas, which began in Charles F. Parham’s school at the midnight hour, January 1, 1901 – the very moment the 20th century began! In December, 1924, during a revival in Portland, Oregon, Gordon Lindsay heard Reverend Parham recount the experiences which took place in Stone’s mansion. It was during these services in Portland that Gordon was converted.

Before the revival gathered full momentum in America, there was a remarkable visitation in Wales under the leadership of a young man by the name of Evan Roberts. During the period of 1904-05 the entire country of Wales moved Godward.

Shortly after the Wales revival the center of events shifted to Los Angeles, California. In a humble building located at 312 Azusa Street, there was a little band of praying people. Passerby probably never gave the place a second glance. Nevertheless it was here that the blessing of God was poured out in such a measure it influenced the uttermost parts of the earth. Material on this revival is taken from the Frank Barlteman diary which is one of the most sensitive accounts of the Azusa revival.

The last chapters are accounts of the ministries of Raymond T. Richey and Charles S. Price. Although their campaigns were on a larger scale than most, their stories are typical of many Holy Ghost men of God who made the apostolic ministry a reality in the 20th century. For a number of years Raymond T. Richey was associated with Gordon Lindsay. They once made a missionary trip together to Latin America. Charles S. Price held his first great healing campaign in mountain town of Ashland, Oregon, where Gordon pastored years later. Dr. Price promised to pray about a return meeting there, but this never materialized because the Lord took him home shortly.

The passing of Charles S. Price, Aimee Semple McPherson and Smith Wigglesworth all took place about the same time, bringing to a close an era. Shortly afterward, a new group of evangelists arose, whose ministry would result the Full Gospel message being brought into many of the historic churches.

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They Saw it Happen! (Paperback) by Gordon Lindsay  Р63 pages

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