Throne Room Prayer


By: Brian & Candice Simmons

The day will come when each of us will stand before God in His throne room. The book of Revelation specifically gives us stunning insight into what God’s glorious throne room is all about. Understanding prayer from within the throne room will change how you pray and live.

This wonderful book will take you to the sea of glass to experience for yourself the beautiful throne of God. It is God’s invitation for you to become a prayer partner with Jesus and learn sacred secrets. He wants to fill your heart with heaven’s plans and use your voice as a magnet to pull His presence to the earth.

Expect your eyes to be opened and see into the spiritual realm. The kingdom of heaven is close enough to reach. The door is open and grace is upon your life. Lift up your voice and watch how God changes you through Throne Room Prayer.

ISBN 978-1-4245-5782-0

Throne Room Prayer: Praying with Jesus on the Sea of Glass  (Paperback) by Brian & Candice Simmons – 199 pages

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