TV Offer #139



TV Offer #139

3 CD Set by Dr. Sandra G. Kennedy

The devil is the great deceiver who constantly tries to steal the heart of man from God. His deceptions come in the form of thoughts, ideas and suggestions to lead us away from God first in thought and then in action. The choice is yours to either yield to Satan’s lies or embrace God’s power in your life. Learn how to arm yourself with the knowledge of God’s Word and stand triumphant against every tactic of Satan.

“Through each act we are either releasing the power of God in our lives or allowing the devil to steal our potential.” – Dr. Sandra Kennedy

This series includes the following powerful teachings:

  • CD 1: The Great Deceiver is a Liar
  • CD 2: We are in a Spiritual Battle
  • CD 3: We Already Have It All: Power, Authority and Victory


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Dimensions 8.5 × 6 × 1.25 in


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