TV Offer #143 – Make No Room for Hopelessness



TV Offer #143 by Dr. Sandra Kennedy

Satan wants us to lose, but God tells us that we are victorious. When we are on God’s side, we must win no matter what. Find out how to remain at peace in all situations and keep discouragement from taking root in your heart.

Package includes the single-CD “Make No Room for Hopelessness,” the two-CD set “Overcoming Stress” and the single-CD “Are Emotions Controllable?”.

Make No Room for Hopelessness

Overwhelmed, in despair, without hope for the future – If you find yourself here, there is still a place to run for help. From God’s perspective, your situation is never without hope. Learn to let God handle your problem and bring His strength, rest, and victory to your life.

Overcoming Stress

Stress can be very detrimental to your mental, emotional and physical health. Thank God, there is a way to live life free from stress and anxiety. Learn in this four-part series practical ways to relieve stress and let God bring His peace in your life. These teachings are from our local Sunday morning television program, featuring Dr. Sandra Kennedy and Rev. Velda Schirhart, RN.

In these teachings, you will:
• Identify the root cause of stress and how it affects your life and health
• Learn how to release stress in a healthy way and enjoy the rest that God intends for our lives
• Become aware of changes that God will help you make in your life to break the cycle of stress and anxiety

Are Emotions Controllable

Learn what God says about emotions and the role they play in our lives. Do they control us or do we control them? Will God help us? Listen and learn what to do with this area of your soul.

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