Can God Be Trusted? (mp3)



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Can we really take Him at His Word? If God said it, does it apply to me?  The integrity of God’s Word must be settled in the heart of every believer. Only then can you lay hold of God’s promises for your life.

“It doesn’t appear because God decides to do it. It appears because you believe it is done.” – Dr. Sandra G. Kennedy

These teachings will:

  • Lead you in a place of genuine trust in God’s Word
  • Identify hindrances in your life holding back your victory
  • Reveal how to set in motion your God-given destiny

This series includes the following powerful teachings:

  • MP3 1: Can God Be Trusted? I
  • MP3 2: Can God Be Trusted? II
  • MP3 3: Faith Filled Words Release the Power of God


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