Difference Makers Supernatural Healing Truths (3 CDs)



3 CD Set by Sandra G. Kennedy

“Dr. Sandra Kennedy is an extraordinary Bible teacher. She can unravel profound mysteries in Scripture, making them practical for all believers.

Her brand-new teaching series Difference Makers: Supernatural Healing Truths is no exception.

Having personally experienced the healing power of God, Sandra wants to teach you how to experience it for yourself and your loved ones.

God’s Word is alive and filled with healing promises. And as a believer, you have instant access to the supernatural source of God’s healing power – His Word!

As you immerse yourself in this series, get ready to break out of the bondage of disease and into the freedom of abundant life.

There is power, healing, and life in God’s Word!

• CD 1: Absolute Truth
• CD 2: God’s Miracle Book
• CD 3: What Value Do You Put On God’s Word


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