5 CD Set by Sandra G. Kennedy

God’s plan for your life is greater than you could ever imagine. He wants miracles, signs and wonders to be on display all around you. It is time for YOU to agree with God and expect the impossible. The potential for what God will do is unlimited. Learn in these teachings how to set yourself up for a mighty move of God in your life. You will be on tiptoe when you realize all God has waiting for you!

“The atmosphere of expectation makes heaven move.”

These teachings will:

  • Reveal how words affect the course of your life, city and nation.
  • Help you identify distractions in your life and put your focus back on Jesus
  • Encourage you to look past failures and mistakes and pursue God’s plan for your life
  • Reveal how to release the potential that God has placed inside of you
  • Remind you how big God is and His unfailing love for you.

This series includes the following powerful teachings:

  • CD 1: It’s Tiptoe Time
  • CD 2: The God of the Impossible
  • CD 3: It’s Time to Check Your Oil
  • CD 4: It’s Time to Check Your Mirror
  • CD 5: It’s Time to Take Your Position


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