Hidden in His First Coming – Pattern for His Second Coming (7 CDs)



7 CD Set by Sandra G. Kennedy

Jesus is coming again – are you ready for His return? When Jesus came the first time, evidence throughout scripture pointed to His appearance. Likewise, scriptures today tell of His imminent return. In these teachings, study with us the first coming of Jesus as we uncover patterns leading to the season of His return.

In this series…
Identify signs and events that will take place before his second coming
Find out how to prepare yourself for His return
Discover keys to fulfilling your destiny in these end days
Learn to hear God’s voice and discern what He is doing today

This series includes the following powerful teachings:
CD 1: Hidden in His First Coming—Pattern for His Second Coming
CD 2: God Always Keeps His Promises
CD 3: The Power of Faith
CD 4: Prepare His People—Jesus is Coming
CD 5: How is Your Spiritual Discernment?
CD 6: Watch for Hints and Clues for His Appearing
CD 7: They Were Called Wise Because They Believed and Watched

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