The Freedom Library




The Freedom Library is a collection of 48 teachings by Dr. Kennedy which focus on the power of God’s Word to set people free and help them live victorious lives. These teachings will provide you with the knowledge you need to conquer and overcome every addictive behavior by helping you understand the reality of the freedom found in Jesus Christ.

Volume 1 (CDs 1-8)
Dividing the Spoils
Having Done All Stand
Free to Live Life
Benefits of the Cross
Overcoming the Flesh I
Overcoming the Flesh II
The Problem is Not the Problem
How to Change Your Attitude

Volume 2 (CDs 9-16)
Rebuilding the Soul
Your Secret Enemy
Blueprint for Rebuilding
Responsibilities of Freedom
Beliefs Produce Behavior
The Cleansing Power of the Blood I-III

Volume 3 (CDs 17-24)
Inner Healing I –IV
God Inside Conscious I-IV

Volume 4 (CDs 25-32)
Faith and Righteousness I-VIII

Volume 5 (CDs 33-40)
Truth is Power I-VI
Unharnessed Thoughts I-II

Volume 6 (CDs 41-48)
Freedom from Sin’s Power I-VI
How to Deal with Temptation I-II

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All (CDs 1-48), Volume 1 (CDs 1-8), Volume 2 (CDs 9-16), Volume 3 (CDs 17-24), Volume 4 (CDs 25-32), Volume 5 (CDs 33-40), Volume 6 (CDs 41-48)


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