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Order a CD of messages taught by Teresa Reid in the Healing Center.

11/29/23 – Healing the Bitter Pools

8/2/23 – Worship

7/19/23 – Triumphant Praise

7/12/23 – While I Wait

6/7/23 – Attitude! Gratitude! and Fortitude!

3/29/23 – A Place of Faith

3/8/23 – What’s In Your Garden?

2/8/23 – Be Intentional

12/7/22 – Cultivating A Spiritual Appetite

11/9/22 – Things to Ponder

10/19/22 – Practical Applications of the Blood

8/10/22 – Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship

6/1/22 – Put on Your Robe!

5/11/22 – The Creative Power of Words

3/30/22 – Benefits of the “Fear of the Lord”

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Benefits of the "Fear of the Lord", Cultivating A Spiritual Appetite, Practical Applications of the Blood, Put on Your Robe!, Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship, The Creative Power of Words, Things to Ponder, A Place of Faith, Attitude! Gratitude! and Fortitude!, Be Intentional, Healing the Bitter Pools, Triumphant Praise, What's In Your Garden?, While I Wait, Worship


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