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12/15/23 – What Are You Waiting On?

8/25/23 – Do You Receive Your Healing?

8/4/23 – It’s Yours

7/14/23 – Are Your Senses Guiding You?

6/2/23 – It’s Yours for the Receiving

5/12/23 – What Are You Speaking?

4/28/23 – Don’t Complicate the Word

4/14/23 – How’s Your Faith?

3/24/23 – Where Are You Standing?

3/10/23 – What Are You Going To Do?

2/17/23 – Receiving from God!

1/27/23 – Follow Jesus!

1/13/23 – Do You Really Know?

1/4/23 – Are You Thanking God?

12/16/22 – What is the Source of Your Knowledge?

12/2/22 – It’s Up To You!

11/18/22 – Will God Heal You?

10/28/22 – Are You Changed?

10/7/22 – Are You In Fear?

9/30/22 – It Ain’t Working!

9/16/22 – Are You MIA?

9/2/22 – Can God?

8/12/22 – Are You Saying?

7/22/22 – What’s Up?

7/13/22 – Don’t Try It, Do It!

7/8/22 – Did You Take It?

6/17/22 – From Captivity to Freedom

6/2/22 – Have You Tried It?

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Are You Changed?, Are You In Fear?, Are You MIA?, Are You Saying?, Are You Thanking God?, Can God?, Did You Take It?, Do You Really Know?, Don't Try It, Do It!, From Captivity to Freedom, Have You Tried It?, It Ain't Working!, It's Up To You! – 12/2, What is the Source of Your Knowledge?, What's Up?, Will God Heal You?, Are Your Senses Guiding You?, Do You Receive Your Healing?, Don't Complicate the Word, Follow Jesus!, How's Your Faith?, It's Yours, It's Yours for the Receiving, Receiving from God!, What Are You Going To Do?, What Are You Speaking? – 5/12, What Are You Waiting On?, Where Are You Standing?


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