The Wonderful Name of Jesus



By: E.W. Kenyon

The Wonderful Name of Jesus is a thrilling exposition of the power vested in the name of Jesus, and the believer’s right to use that Name. This message has changed the prayer lives of multitudes.

If you are looking for power in prayer, this book is a must. It will astound you and fill you with joy to find out who you are in Christ, and what Christ is in you.

E. W. Kenyon clearly explains our spiritual authority in the name of Jesus to confront sickness, demonic activity, and other issues in order to live in the victory Christ has provided.

Discover what the Word has to say about you and your rights and privileges as a redeemed believer!

ISBN 978-1-64123-673-7

The Wonderful Name of Jesus (Paperback) by E.W. Kenyon – 186 pages

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