John G. Lake: The Complete Collection of His Life Teachings



Compiled By: Roberts Liardon

The Extraordinary life of John G. Lake is best experienced through his own stirring words. The Power of his healing ministry and his effect on the world through his teachings is finally at your fingertips. For the first time, the entirety of his life’s work has been collected and bound into an amazingly comprehensive treasury.

John G. Lake was one of the most powerful healing evangelists of this, or any other, century. His life’s work spanned two continents and included countless conversions, healings, and deliverances, as well as the establishment of hundreds of churches and ministries. His Spokane Healing Home is unique in the archives of medicine – and miracles. He was once arrested for practicing medicine without a license because of the thousands of unexplained medical healings that took place under his care.

Find out for yourself why Lake’s eulogizers said: “We thought the victory was over there, but Dr. Lake revealed to us that the victory was here.”

The John G. Lake Collection Is Sure To Inspire You and Generations to Come.

ISBN 978-0-88368-568-6

John G. Lake: The Complete Collection of His Life Teachings (Hardcover) compiled by Roberts Liardon  – 999 pages

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